21 September 2007

Die Schönsten Franzosen kommen aus New York

Thursday night, there is nothing more left to do in Berlin than go visit one of their museums that on Thursdays are open until 1opm. This was perfect chance to visit Neue Nationalgalarie Berlin and admire the beautiful frenchs that arrived from New York.

I was a bit tired after having a rough day working with my project. so even I had to wait to get in a couple of minutes...it was 100% worthy. I didn't care about an specific order, just started walking. First delight was Daumier and his Laundress. Almost cried when I discovered Young Woman Drawing (up right in this post) by Denise-Villers. Now I do understand why she was accepted in a society that only recogniced men as art masters. By the end of this part I found Ingres and his Odalisque in Grisalle (up left in this post). It is actually not completly gray, it has some light pink tones....what ever, it is quite breath taking.

Then it came a miracle...Jules Bastien Lepage achieved in his Joan of Arc (down left) something out of this world. Picture is BIG, so Joan almost look like coming out from picture to join us like a real person. Work is simply perfect. I could remember each and every world Margarita has said when she described this picture.

There were more small surprises, like some Ingre's or Corot's pictures I've never seen. Many Manet's, Monet's and some new Matisse's. I wasn't regreting for paying 5 euros at entrance...it was really worthy each cent. There were also many Cezanne unknown pictures (for me).

It was nice notice that Georges Pierre Seurat was here too (down right). So I went looking this stile I really enjoy, named "puntillismo" in spanish. Their style is same idea of pixels...lots of tiny dots that together create something special to see. Seurat had special talent to use light in his pictures, and this in particular is totally eye catching.

By the end of all exposition I noticed a big lie Germans are telling....Why they named exposition like that....if not all artists presented are frenchs?. Best hint...van Gogh ....I did was totally emotionall with one picture I discovered for first time, but still he is no french.

I just wish I wasn't alone...it was TOO MUCH to bare alone. Just 9 days more...