02 October 2007

Don Giovanni by Komische Opera/Berlin

We were tired with Gisell, and this opera may have not been the best idea to clean our heads from Transfer Project. I must say this is the weirdest version of an opera I'll ever see in my life. I just can't imagine how Komische Opera puts in scene La Traviatta or anything else.

Don Giovanni (el Don Juan) is supposed to be darkest opera from Mozart. I would really like to see a normal representation of the same opera. This version is totally BRUTAL!. Stage is great, gives lots of possibilities to display and change actors in different situations. First part was a bit porno (according to Gix) and second was really dark. Music was excellent, with parts where some musicians will play near the people. Singers had good tones and beautiful voices, only one character was a bit a fiasco...singer didn't perform, but then again...maybe she refused to do all that drama and sexual performance.

In the end...I always have problems understanding modern art in paint...but this kind of modern art in opera...was simply too much!! hhahaha not bad but too much.

Jetzt bin ich nah von Norbu....komisch...es gab kein grosses big bag...aber ich fuhle mich ganz ruhig und zufrieden.