09 January 2008

2008...about to make important changes!

13 days in this new year are gone. Before changing year, my family recieved with lots of joy the news that in 8 months there is going to be a little kid or girl to spoil. My Helicobacter infection has been treated with ugly pills but I think that from tomorrow on, I'll be healthy again.

Crazy weather is bugging...somedays are a bit sunny and then RAIN!, lots of rain and humid cold weather. I found out that my grades on the testes I took are quite good...at least one of them is quite excellent from what I thought.

Last year I started watching Heroes in super addicting sesion with my fantastic twin. Some times it's like too much! and some times I just can't stop watching one more. Most of times we end our marathon a bit dissapointed that we don't have any "power".

A couple of days ago, some one special to me, told me "he is not happy" there where he is. I remember the feeling. Twice I have felt the same and both times I had big faith fights. I was defeated both times...and just accepted life as it was.

One day, with out expecting it, a magic place and the ppl who lives there opened my eyes. Happiness is not outside...it's inside each one of us. And maybe that's my special power, to find day after day happiness even if things around me aren't the way I would like them to be.

Only 5 days now are left...until I face again NK. I recognice he is a big part of these happiness as well, despite many things in between. Somewhere inside me, I know that if love is real, then I will let him go his way. God takes...God gives, who am I to discuss with Him?

"Quisiera ser el aire, que escapa de tu risa
Quisiera ser la sal, para escocerte en tus heridas
Quisiera ser la sangre que envuelves con tu vida
Quisiera ser el sueño que jamás compartirías"...