25 February 2008

Dance...until u forget and drop almost dead!

Saturday night. After the rain, and almost falling sleep at the movie France Nouvelle we are still awake. Looking for some entertainment we head once more to Orange club.

We are no longer beer girls, we order juice or more elaborated drinks. After waiting some minutes we conect to the electronic part of Orange. It's funny to see that some people in this country still doesn't get the whole idea of this kind of music. So for a while we are surrounded with lots of Orcs.

But then, the DJ decides it's time for some drum n' Base. That's what we needed...full energy to scare newbies. Now the place belongs only to crazy minds who dance or move to the strange sound of trival, drumbs and speed. Mavirus is there too, and after laughing about our luck with love...we keep on the speed.

By the end of the night...we are completly tired. I am ready to sleep like a baby and happy to feel so tired.

After all I had thirst of some fun...and before that I was thirsty of love. There is a big difference between love and passion. Next time I know that passion won't bring me any good...passion won't fight or endure. Love is what keeps me alive, strong to fight and search my days with happiness. Time to face one more week!!