13 December 2011

Silly smile

End of year is around the corner, and here I am, sitting where ever I can get free WIFI to send one more job application....and a silly smile in my face. 

It seems impossible or should I say: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL... AND A JOKE FOREVER??? I recognize I have certain of permeability now in my life and I feel that something is repelling (or trying at least) to push away this silly smile, this longing for an ohh-DEER!!

My subconscious is MEAN, MEAN, MEAN! It play these ridiculous tricks on me. The other day I woke up from a dream where I was dancing "Let's dance, the last dance toniiiiiiight...'cos I need you.." with no other than the one who is allergic or genetically incompatible with dance. Yet we were able to hike.

The song from Sasha "Rueda mi mente" rewinds and plays once more:
Dicen tus ojos algo               Your eyes say something
muero de curiosidad              I die out of curiosity
como seguirte al paso?         How to follow his step?
como saber a donde vas?     How to know where does he go?
Casi no te conozco                I hardly know you
y no te dejo de pensar           And I can stop thinking about you

There is a SIGNIFICANT difference this time. A sort of spell in my heart, mind and soul. Yes, I enjoy the laugh, the talks, the company but my whole being doesn't feel like running and jumping into the big gap. I'm walking, tasting slowly... who says it all has to end always in the same alley?
Silly smile!