31 January 2006

Felicidad en la pobreza

Casi parece profecía bíblica, pero me sentí muy de acuerdo con el artículo de Monbiot, "Qué queremos realmente; mientras más ricos somos, más miserables nos convertimos".

Es verdad, que en pueblitos que tienen toda la facha de ser pobres...uno puede escuchar las risas de niños y grandes, puede ver abrazos, puede ver el afecto que fluye. Mientras en modernas ciudades, ejecutivos "exitosos" de corbata con su jaguar en puerta, apenas pueden discernir quíen es un amigo honesto con ellos.

Algunos párrafos del articulo:
"But let us, for a moment, assume that they are right. Let’s imagine that climate change does not exist, that pollution does no damage to either ecosystems or human health, that fisheries are not collapsing, freshwater reserves are not drying up, topsoil is not eroding, and forests and coral reefs are not disappearing.

Let’s pretend too that there is no conflict between two of the avowed goals of the current earth summit: relieving poverty in the poor nations while enhancing economic growth in the rich ones. Let us pretend that there is no competition for resources between rich and poor. Let us accept, in other words, the myths of neoliberalism....

This is not to suggest that poverty causes happiness. In southern Ethiopia people desperately want better healthcare, better education, better housing and sanitation, not to mention smart clothes, motorbikes, refrigerators and radios. But while poverty does not cause happiness, there appears to be some evidence that wealth causes misery. Since 1950, 25-year-olds in the United Kingdom have become ten times more likely to be affected by depression. And it is surely fair to say that most of us suffer from sub-clinical neuroses, anxiety or a profound discomfort with ourselves.

Perhaps one of the reasons why people in Ethiopia appear to be happier than we are is that they have less to lose by letting other people into their lives. The more wealth we possess, the more isolated we become. We must defend it, and ourselves, against the intrusions of other people."

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