07 March 2006

I saw you

I was lost and dazed at that airport. Then came to you and asked for your help. You gave your time. The moment I had to take the plane, I realized my boarding pass was on my baggage. Silly me. I turned and went to look for you again.

I told you my problem, you looked at me and decieded to helpe me again. First I sensed you were somehow unconfortable with me. Then you found my backpack, took out my pass, but for that moment I had lost my plane.

You took the pass from my hands and told me to wait. Sometimes it seemed a lot of time, but it was only some minutes. You were back, found another flight for me. After you gave me your phone #, we said goodbye.

How could I explain the warm feeling you made me feel while you did everything to help me.

In the middle of the flight I called you to tell you everything was going fine. It was as if none of us wanted to hang the phone. You asked memore questions and to call you back as soon as I could. At the end you told me to write you mails. "Write me"

We stayed in contact for a long time. The I came back and called you. The rest of the story... you know it, you feel it. We lived it while we were sleeping.