07 December 2006

Reisen!! immer Reisen!

Tomorrow I'm leaving to Dresde, for a Weichnachts Abendessen. We are returning on saturday, after visiting a museum of the toys...will they buy any toys??

On sunday, I have to pick up my things and travel with the train to Feldafing, 40 minutes south from Munich. I'll stay there for a week....hope to have a chance to visit WiessenKirche and Neuschwanstein.

After all..seems this year I've been a good girl after all (it's good to recognice our mistakes in time), The 6th, Nikolaus has left a gift by my door. Ding ding!

The other trip...it's going well. There are somethings in life that doesn't have to be keept in mind, not even as a bad memory to learn.

Scheiße, das war heute nicht mein Tag...