03 December 2006

I was only dreaming up

Doesn´t matter if it´s Bolivia or Germany....man still suck in FremdeSprache.

So back to reality, I only have to state one thing...jijijiji Size DOES MATTER! jajajajaj and no matter how beautiful the package is, if the inside is petite.... it won´t satisfy you. ;)

Just came back from Berlin, where Stefi and the little princess have told me they will help me to find that perfect "excuse" to stay around. Besides it´s time to stop dating babies.

I spent a weekend with a beautiful german family. Somehow a funny thought crossed my mind... I would love in 5 years have half of my family german jajajajja. Sounds really silly, but found this a loving idea. After all, germans have this cliche of being cold, but this weekend was really warm, zärtzlich and freundlich. Shame D. Mietasch doesn´t reach this point.

jajajjaja, alas! enough. God gave me more than just some gray days, and now I´m back, stronger of course, ready to fly....eh No Eh!...ready to FLY!!!