19 January 2007

Kyrill came and left

And for most incredible it could sound...this was my first Orkantief in my life. Snow in south California...what else? I can't hardly do anything but laugh. WHAT HAS HAPPENED? I keep the idea in my head, that after all those decades of polluting and doing what "we" wanted...it's time to face the charges.

The storm had not only brought chaos, but also news of the past. Pinman has wrote, but I'll wait some time before saying "oh hi...who were u?" heheh. Others still foolish themselves thinking their life is a peaceful existence of guilty memories.

This sunday I'm heading again to Berlin for an Agricultural Messe. Then, my time here is almost gone. The 16. of Februar I'm moving to Tharandt! that's 30 minutes from Dresde, my new City. I can hardly wait to get to Gottingen!!, 'cos later I'll spend a loooong time in Gartesleben :O, ein bischen dull.

Hopping that snow is still away from me...I salute you world people.!