16 February 2007

Good bye Zschortau

And who would have tought that this little town would captivate my heart? NO ONE!

Yesterday we got our certificates. I´m totally proud ouf my Mittelstufe Certifikat! And of course there was a big distruction...I mean celebration after that. It was nice to say good bye with our Malasia friends. And what about our trainers for IMK??? They sure can dance.

Now our new life is about to beging...we are moving to Dresden. We are more than tired, but I´m almost sure that tonight between Carneval and the "Welcome" ...this night will be another party. At least I know I´ll dance with Morfeo.

Monday...again to classes. What was it like it to study? ah...mmm yes. BTW, now my heart is beating...laud and clear more healthy than ever. ;)