18 February 2007

Zip Code - 01069 DRESDEN!

Finally we've landed on a CITY! It may sound strange, but yesterday I felt a bit scared...it's not like Zschortau where I could walk late at night with out problems...here there is more People!! :O

The new Flat is ok, a bit little the sharing area...but the good part is internet 24/7 and my roomate. Gisell. Yesterday, thanks to Stefan K. I got to finally go to a TRES TRES SCHICK Disco. Of course it was expensive, but got to dance ...and run after tranvias.

On the other hand...SMS keep coming and going to Munich...and to think that sometimes we need so little to draw a big smile in our faces.

On the ugly side of this world...a mail arrived with disturbing links, about the horror Japan accepts with the slaughter of dolphins. eeeeuu, this so called 1st world countries...Spare me excuses!
If you have the stomach...