09 February 2007

Is there any one who is not afraid?

When it comes to love...is there anyone who is not afraid to love and be loved? Yeah, yeah...coming again with the retorical question. But I keep wandering if there is any trick to find that special person who wont scape the idea to build something together?

My last days in Zschortau are going really fast, and I´m starting to miss some new "old" habits. The comings and goings to Leipzig Hbf, my Tandem, the familiarity of the city, the sunny days in my roof-bedroom.

So now my "vacation" is over. Ich habe die Mittelstufeprüfung BESTANDEN! (exactly how I did it, will remain as a mistery even to me). And with this goodbyes, come some hellos...

Yesterday I met S G (if he ever posts me the picture I´ll hang somewhere around here). Despite I´m afraid to look as a stupid when I can´t articulate my german as fluent as this micky mouse language...I started joking with him. So I guess I made a progress in my languaje issue. La nota fue la caminata entre que quise irme y al final tuve que quedarme... bienvenida la macurca.

It´s over for now, my first time only with German course is over. And so are over many things that started to grow. It´s also time to get over my schok of priorities, who knows...maybe around the corner there is ONE, who will not fear to love and be loved.