17 March 2007

BBQ's and Very cutes!

One more class on how to make the perfect BBQ with argentinean, mexican, german and a bolivian touch...next time will be awsome. I was surprised today, that with all the technology available a man couldn't light on the BBQ..we had to use the most practical cardboard dish to light it. In the end that ppl eat 'cos of me jajajajjaja.

The little mess over my Dresden room is almost over. This is a view to remeind me of some crazy/full days I have lived here. Today at 8:15 we will take the bus to Goettingen...what's there left to do? Ah yeee....celebrate Saint Patrick. NEXT? I'M GOING TO DUBLIN!!! FINALLY!! so hold your horses...jejejje if it's true what Stv told me...u irish are done.

The cutes? ah good question...i wonder where are they. Maybe I have my eyes fixed in a blue/gray sky. But this sky is turning gray to black...wonder if it will soon rain or what?. Some bateries need to be charged once in a while. And now a little tribute to Kujio...

Thanks for the nice company the last days...u were a good party partner and u know we laughed a lot with so many silly things. BTW I really don't appreciate that u have spoiled my Deutsch! U r going to pay for that...I'll send u some more climate change to Arizona :P"