14 March 2007

I wanna be loved...

I’ve discovered the awful truth for this part of my life...

I don’t know if I should feel bad because I didn’t end this part of my professional life before or just accept the reality. I know for sure, that if I haven’t taken this path, I would have missed the chance to meet you. But, what can be done now?

In such a short time, and after so many people that’s been crossing my life these past months, it’s like a real earthquake to have met you. I’m impatient, that I know. I have waited and searched long ago and finally there are you. And where is the time I need to get to know you better? Where is the space to share with you jokes, dreams, talks, walks and so many other things more?

Will I have to give up again to the idea of giving love a chance? Or shall I fight and find – if you want - a way to discover the chance?

I wanna live,I'm gonna survive. Don't want the world to pass me by. I'm gonna dream. I aint gonna die, thinking my life was just a lie. I WANNA BE LOVED!! Bon Jovi