29 April 2007

around the corner

Never expect too much they say. Didn't with this last weekend...
In the end it's important that someone really considers you are special...and even more, it's important to feel that you are special for this person. No lies and taking up the risk to just feel. All this usually comes exactly when u least expect it...and from the person u never tought it could be.

Funny how, most of times we take the wrong decission...just to realice that we should have turned left and no right time after. A pretty face can light up your day...but a smile, a look and true words can mean more and have more sense in this life. I can hardly remember when it was the last time I felt so confortable just being myself...and plus feeling pretty.

I got new shoes too...hahahha well summer shoes. The cute note...Norbou came with me and helped me decide. The things as they should have been....

We tried to recover our color in the sun, so we went to Cospudener see ....what a blef! so much fake sun...we were there for about 3 hours and NOTHING! hehehhe I have to record this day as the day I searched sun and 'cos I didn't have a swimming suit, underware had to make it.

SWING!!!! hasta prontito Chikito!