02 May 2007

And it was 1am

So it ended my very first day in Eberswalde. Well partially. I spent a couple of hours in beautiful Berlin. There is something about this big city that captures my whole attention and it’s not donner kebab!. Today I found out the awful truth, I should have learned how to ride a bike before coming. I kinda thought about it, but it was all intentions. I’ll try to find a small one (my size) and really try to learn this time. Now I’m completely tired, I have walked more than 2 hours, and try to cross dark woods is not my specialty.

Today (Wednesday 2) I’ll start at the Landesumweltamt. Actually the coming here was very nice. A stranger offered to make me company while waiting the Hausmeister for my keys…and then he helped me to carry my bags to the 3rth floor. Mysterious ways God has to care me. I really hope to learn a lot here…not only about bikes! Good day!

Here a little gift from el Puma...the way our world has changed by Quino...cuando no!!! Personally I agree with the one "the brother to love" and "Ideals, Moral, honesty"....true!