01 April 2007


It should be easy, but maybe 'cos I'm always here and there... this time in my life has come again. There is a big part of me that would like to stay here in Germany...obviously the question is how?

Seems like so much time working with CEBEM has produced the sensation that my capacity is not worthy. I really should stop working under such a depresive environment.

Now it's 14 days left before I see again SG...many thoughts cross my mind. I only hope I won't be so dumb to ruin everything with my silly questions. Shall I askso many fool things? What's the point of seing us this way? What is this funny thing in my belly each time I recive those few lines in my mail? Why I felt the rush to put one of our pictures in a frame? why I feel so embarrased when he can't understand my poor Deutsch? ...usw.

Now it's time to forgive some mistakes of the past...for the good sake of my brother. I'll never understand why sometimes we take decisions in a certain way. How ever I just have to hope that this decision will make him happy and will last.

Back to Gottingen...and tomorrow I'll hang out with Ana Paula. Bis dann.