04 April 2007

The Queen

Finally I got to see a movie…it has been I while, and as I recall my last time was in Leipzig “Blood Diamonds” with SG. HA! Almost 2 months have gone by until another movie. I’m starting to feel a bit preoccupied…no movies, no books. Scary.

The movie is actually good for my taste…thought it was a drama but turned out to be a bit funnier than that. It also re affirmed my position about the death of Princess Diana…such a show for such a thing. Of course if you know me well, you can imagine that day I grieved but not for her, but for Mother Theresa…but of course, this world love what is from this world, and this other great person didn’t show so interesting as the crazy blond.

I’m getting ready to the next trip….so much times dreamed…IRELAND! I really hope it won’t happen what happened with Prague….and I really hope this time Murph won’t leave me waiting. But after this trip I want to make like a biiiiiig pause. I’m a bit tired of traveling ALONE, and somehow I’m also physical tired. Maybe I’ll just do small or closer trips…or really really important trips. Who knows, a wedding, a rendez vou with a peace of my dreams…

This days have been better…although my time away of so much female side is still running, but guess it shouldn’t call my attention, anyhow I’ve always spend more time with my male friends. Correct…like you macho reader…I really don’t understand women. Time to sleep and dream a little dream of …you.