23 April 2007

My catch net…

Everybody goes around, searching something that’s for sure.

You wouldn’t risk lending money to a poor person.

You would not hang out with the ugly man.

You certainly wouldn’t catch the last train home.

And most of people in the world don’t risk falling in love, just ‘cos there is no certainty if you’ll get love back or will you just get hurt.

For many things we search for a security or a catching net… the truth is that there is no such a thing like that. Friends could help us hearing and sometimes even catching our tears. Today a dark side of me has died, and I’ve finally started to live the Eastern of my life. Today I found again my catch net…He never left me. He was there, by my side the whole time… ready to catch me if I fall. I’m ready to risk again, but this time, under HIS protection.

(11am...had a blast of telefon conversation last night 'till 2:25am...Yo Kujio...we need to re talk jejej).