21 April 2007

No Salsa GEN

No se si fue borrado, o jamas lo tuve...
esta musica no me pasa ni la paso.
Solo cuando baile con Hardy la encontre divertida.
Pero no puede haber mejor tortura que llevarme a un lugar donde los
gueros bailan acrobaticamente...pero sin sentir siquiera la musica. Muchos show para algo tan dulce.

Lo mio queda en lo trival...lo basico, lo melodico, lo alternativo...lo clasico (rock).

I've tried to find out, why was I so decided to find you.
I have planed so carefully this one.
But again You showed me, it's not a good plan unless you aprove it.
Now I'm standing. Your hand has hold me tight to stand up.
I'm trying to patiently wait your voice, your images.
Show me what is it that you want.
I could risk again, I have no problem to feel again...but let me risk only for what you want.
Take me in your loving arms, and let me sleep a sweet good night.