24 June 2007

London is over!

After one day and a half, this objective is history now. We took the most common tour with Gisell, visiting the must sees in London.

Our first day we had our first schock! there are no inglish persons in London jajaja. 2) the underground is way confussing with all those wrong signs and those lines that split in 2 or 3. Any way, we were walking the whole afternoon, a bit zombi a bit tired. At night we had the chance to see the Big Ben with lights. It's totally impressive that house of parliment.

Saturday we took the boat tur, and then visited the bridge, the tower of London, Saint Paul, and some small places here and there. We used the london pass for one day, which is good, but u have to consider to visit Saint Paul for instance during the morning. Carrying our own food was after all a good idea, so we get to spend very few on this matter. To buy also the transport day card is a good option. You can choose to buy just the bus card or the whole system card. The problem with the buses...STAU! there is a lot of trafic so u might take a while to arrive where ever u want.

The worst? to sleep in Stansted...the worst. Ryan air and all those cheapy airliens could offer more sits or even rent sleeping bags jajajja. We slept inside a photo-cabine. Totally unglaublig! so next time...hope to have a decent job which will allow me to pay 2 nights of good sleeping. Now to run and end my bulletin....