26 June 2007

Pasties and memories

After taking some breath and recover from that awful night we spend on Stansted... I´m thinking clear what had happened. Yesterday I tasted one chicken something Pasty. Turns out that this things are nothing but a big Tucumana with the look of a Saltenia! and a bit bigger. BIG DEAL! How I wish I could have just one Saltenia...after all those I have eat at CEBEM heheheh. (I almost got tired of them).

I was watching too some small videos I made. Still remember the weeding crazyness at Waterloo Station. I hope someday I´ll get invited to one of those fashion weedings hahaha. Even though it was just a day and a half, we did get to see a lot Gix!

Now I better run home, since yesterday, wind has been running like mad here in Eberswalde. And since I have to walk by the woods...I don´t want any branch to hit me. Just one 1/2 day to hug my chiquitito bonito!! :)