18 June 2007

Our time is running out...

So weekend is over...too much colors, sounds and time went flying. Another week begings, the rain hasn't stop and I'm in the middle of an emotion roller coaster.

This is Natalia, friend of Norbu who came to visit him in her 1 month trip around europe....My respects, for she is carrying a suitcase around these crazy cities. With Jackie and Will, we went to Neustadtfest in Dresden. One more of those "good reasons" germans find to drink and eat in the street. We stopped in one street were the music was good enough to put us dancing. After some screams, beers and the headaches showing up, it was time to go home...swimming??????? Like never before, the storm that night was so strong that we arrived completly WET. Good thing is not cold.

Saturday the show began quite early. Sometimes I think if I ever get married...I don't wanto so much. I stick to the idea of getting married with my man and ... keep it very simple. I remember Jani and Sharbel weeding...yeah, nice, simple and only with those who care about your union. Nevertheless...Sandra and Lutz got married after being 10 years together.

I kinda admire her for enduring so much. Of course they had 2 kids meanwhile...but I guess u need to build really good the relation, in order not to care or not about being married. No matter...I was raised in a different way, and despite marriage seems such a hard and complicated thing...I still have faith in that way of living.

There was a lot of food...drinks. Late we started to dance...so different from Bolivia or Mexico. NK was racing with his boy .... boys! Of course he ended drunk and funny. I wonder if he remembers all the things he told me before falling sleep???

Today coming back to Eberswalde...took longer than what I thought. I forgot too that falling in love is also somehow painfull. Sometimes there is so much to say and few time...and now i need a bit of time to talk, to have clear things in my head, more now, that we are close to be appart.

I hate the fact that previous moments in my life conducted me to this state of "non trust". I only hope this is the begining of the cure. My mind and heart need it.

And before jumping to bed...I declare I'm the happy owner of the RED AMPELMANN!! :) who's got the green?????