14 June 2007


Maybe I was raised in such a different society, that now I´m having big problems trying to understand what for others is totally common or even modern.

When it comes to a couple relationship, how important is the other one?. Is he/she important only when they are together? Is he/she important only certain moments. Or is this "special" person really important at all times.

Maybe I´ve been doing wrong (for these ppl), but always that I´m involved in a realtionship, my partner becomes priority 1, and even though some friends have told me I should be carefull paying so much attetion to my couple...I don´t regreet it. And those real friends could always understand when I was not available. These same friends were always there to support me when I need it or to share those magic moments.

That´s something scary about couple relationships...u may end that relation, but I´m glad I will always have my friends despite all. U can´t break up with them, not with the good ones. I´ve had a hard night, thinking if I was over reacting or not in this matter.

I´ve done what helps me when I´m not sure....speak. Lucky me I found 3 of my best friends on line. I know there is a bias on their opinion heheh, they are my friends. However... at least I know I´m not crazy to feel confussed and even a bit sad when my partner is putting more effort on spending time with a friend. Their good advice is taken... clear points in a conversation.

...maybe this situation had to happen so I can learn what are his priorities in terms of relationships. Still, I need to go take a walk and search for time...to talk.