21 July 2007

Hasta pronto Vabe!

My visit is almost over. Dave was busy most of time with his work, but still managed to show me parts of Geneve and we could share some night moments in his office, talking in his relax moments, or listening Elton John. Today I went sola to take a big walk...there is a special part of this city, where 2 rivers join. My objective was Pont du Junction. Some how I ended in a different one the first time. After 1 hour walking, I finally arrived to this place. It's like magic to see 2 rivers join...one with cristal water and the other with turbid water. The union of two different things, that after some kilometers becomes just one...the Rhone.

While there, watching Geneve I had a time to think. Will my life some day join somebody elses? Is it so easy to loose me when I'm left alone? I couldn't help to get sad.
Lucky me this time I had Vabe to hold me and push me back to life. I want to follow his advice...no more thinking, and most important...no more drawing conclusions. Life is like that, complicated and most of times we don't get it.... why these things happen.

I leave Geneve, clearly the less swiss city from Switzerland. Crowded of imigrants and where I heard more than once the camba or bolivian accent. I even saw saltenias sold somewhere. A small city, where rich arabs/iranians come to buy everything they can during summer. City with charming places, that can transport you to far away places...with out leaving its urban sounds. Something I really have to point out...I like the spirit of saying Bon Jour! even at the elevators...ppl will say hi to you. Something that I completly miss in cold Germany. Time to sleep, and try to forget...that i'm forgetable.

Espero Vabe, mi tinkazo sea cierto...y pronto ya no estes solito...nunca mas, y tu hermana vea que no eres un callo, si no un ser lleno de amor por compartir con esa novia que espera paciente tu regrso. Ojala sepa ella, lo afortunada que es...yo se que vos ya te sientes afortunado con ella :)