27 July 2007

What if...?

The moon was made of cheese, cows could fly...or I could stop being myself?

Some times I have the feeling I could behave like a "I don´t give a $%°!" girl. I just could go out and drink with my friends when ever I feel lonly, I could go shopping to keep me busy. I could? Some how I didn´t grow up like that...and so I have problems sometimes when ever I care about someone. Of course is a matter of not loosing patience and try to wait the best way.
But some times...there are moments when you really need to feel, hear, know that you are not going alone to that crazy trip called relationship. I´m waiting here, trying to build up my patience day by day, and hopefully, by Octuber I will have 10 grams more of patience (not weight!!). Until then, I hope my gardner won´t forget to put some water on my ground...so I can keep green.