29 July 2007

Geneve to Eberswalde

A small round trip and after 12 days I’m back at “home”. It was great to see the rest of my group again, especially those crazy latinos that make me laugh/smile with their jokes, dreams and hopes. I really missed to speak in Spanish, joke like we do and say salud!!

First stop was Geneve. Now I’m more convinced that these ppl live in such an ideal world (they think they are an island) that reality out of their rich life style must be a joke or a lie. I remember how Martin, a Basel guy couldn’t understand what I meant by poverty in a city 30 minutes close to my house. Of course is quite interesting the way they have overcome their differences and build something stable and with order. I totally wish we could have that kind of democracy. While going to Feldafing, a boom boom tres tres schick girl hope in until Bern. I was watching her and wondering if that’s the kind of girl my actual partner will end up someday with (???). I would totally feel sorry, for external masks always while years go by.

Everyday in Feldafing was a small party by nights. Beginning I had no clue what could I develop for transfer project. So at nights it was quite relaxing just to get together and share our experiences these past 2 months. Most of them are changing places for this second part. I’m a bit nervous, because I have to prepare a paper/report on my work, as well as to make some new maps. I really have to make efficient my time in Eberswalde in order to accomplish all that I want and committed to. A thing to remember…those red sandals Eric was wearing…a german brand he highly recommends. Shall we look for it in Berlin?

One day, we left with Gisell to Salzburg, Mozart’s city. A small quite charming place. One visit day is more than enough. Unless you want to take the Sound of music Tour. I liked very much that mix of old churches and mountains. Right now, most of Europe is quite beautiful, full of flowers and colors.

NK is writing me, when ever he has a chance. I value each note very much, and have found that they are really helpful also to keep me calm. Now we are 8 weekends away from Tempe….in between there are a lot of small trips, visits and work! I’m gonna survive.