22 August 2007

I left you behind...

or at least I thought I did for a couple of days while I was showing Paris to my friend in just 3 days. It was tiring, fun, and still couldn´t draw u apart of my mind. If you could think of me and feel what I feel, I´m sure you would have seen those gardens, those incredible buildings and enjoy all those wonderful views.

I can´t, just can´t shut down my mind. Some days I don´t want to create more expectations, but then again I miss you, the whole you. Some days I feel you don´t care about me caring about you...and it´s weird. Then there are times where even I miss you, I get the feeling you miss me too. I´m not daydreaming much anymore, days are about to end and are running fast.

Or maybe I´m learning finally to calm myself down, try not to make it bigger than it is and also trying to learn this new things I´m finding about you...and accepting them slowly. Some days are better than others... and I just hope you will get a good job these days.