30 August 2007

Ich bin erledig!!

So my last month here is about to start in just 48 hours.

Priscila is gone...and even we know it was going to be just some days, I can't help but feel emptynes from her departure. At least I'm glad I had chance to enjoy her company so many days, that were short but totally awesome.

My parents are now with Valentina...who probably is not sleeping (it's 12:54pm). I'm glad I'll be with them in 14 days. We visited Postdam and Berlin, but they were too tired for those whole day visits.
Now I'm about to change rooms in same city...which is a blast. I have to leave everything so clean...that it will make me waste my time. I really don't remember this room was so clean as I'm going to leave it.

Well...time to close my sweet eyes and dream of NK :P.