30 October 2007

gone for 1 month...

at least it feels like I been gone just for one month. I'm back in Bolivia after one year and some days. My last 3 weeks were sort of a mix between surprise and good news and new hopes.

La Paz is quite the same...only that now I'm totally sure that despite its size..it is very cosmopolitan. Last friday I was talking in german, english and spanish just like in any other big city. Well, Tempe was not that cosmopolitan, but in the end was not bad.

I'm now ready to start a short time to get ready and do my best to go back to NK. Yes...after all I think we both got used to be together and share our space and time. Just when I was starting to feel confortable....I have to return.

any way, I'm more calm down now, have more energy to deal these days with reality, like I'm not sure if I still have a job or not, but I might work as a tour guide for germans while I fly back to AZ. I have 2 strong reasons to go back and I'm also counting on really starting what I have wished long ago.

Getting in touch with friends again....GRANDIOSO! I've missed them and their oddities :). But now it's time to sleep. Tomorrow is another busy day and there is more to fill in order to send my application.