08 December 2007

1 year ago

Last year something I never thought...happened. I met this guy in the most surreal environment. We went to Dresden for this dinner and day tour to Seiffen. There he was, asking silly questions about things he already knew. After some blocks we started to talk. Next day we spent almost whole day talking and visiting Seiffen, a place where they make wood toys and all typish german decoration for Christmas.

At the end we said good bye and exchanged e-mails. To my surprise he wrote me some days later. Yeah, it was nice. He invited me many times to visit him in Dresden again. Never payed attention.

365 days later I wonder....how could everything be if I had not talked to him or just ignored as soon as I found out he was 6 years younger than me. Indeed, it is possible I may have lost all those gread days we spent in Germany, or maybe I would have never considered ASU for studying a postgrade program....

But maybe today I wouldn't feel like he doesn't care as he used to...Maybe today I wouldn't have to wait for him to search me and try to talk to me about how was his week....or just talk about any of those nonsense topics we had in common.

How much can things change in one year... So much we could lose, so much we could learn.