30 November 2007

New high heels

Unusual...but I got them. I will use them for the first time at my brother's weeding. My only wish is not to fall down. The same day I'll get rid of my TOEFL. But the worst is still to come...I'm having hours and hours of studying. Actually I'm reaching a point of boredom and weariness. Just today I thought...why on earth am I doing this?? oh yes...to fulfill my desire of ending my academic life and trying to open a door for my love life. Is it? When I decided to do it there? in the place I most dislike? I'm not so sure about answers for these questions. However, I'm just trusting the Big Boss. I guess there is something to be done there...that's of course if they accept me. Crazy days, and until the 14th...I'm out of this life! DND!