15 February 2008

Facts ...

Fact: years give you experience and the strength to fight. I was thinking about different persons who are near me. Not necesarly only friends...and yes, I've found that more than one has deeper problems or situations than mine..

Fact: most people in this world live without God, or even if they believe in Him...they tend to ignore Him. My years in this earth have showed me that He is actually the only one who's been there ALL the time...night or day, good or bad moments...ALWAYS. Why keep sad or afraid if He is around?

Fact: Certain things are easier to deal with when you have near the ones that truly love you. Parents, friends and family are near now. Most of their words are true, and their hugs, supporting words and time is the best help. Could I have ever asked for more?

Fact: only after the rain, sun will shine brighter than ever. Some say it's the yin/yan thing. For me is just a matter of life. We learn to deal with bad moments, take the best from them and just keep on our way. After all, life is made of good and bad moments.
In the end....I'm still alive, and lately I've started to laugh again. New projects and dreams are born in my mind, and after all, standing again is not that hard when you are certain that your values, characteristics and all that make you who you are ....are valuable for more than one person.

Digna, fiel, amante, sincera, respetuosa, bondadosa, luchadora....empiezo a descubrir mas virtudes que defectos, no como cuando era joven y veia mas defectos en mi. O sera que empiezo aceptar mis defectos como parte de mi ser...y por eso ya no se ven tan mal?

Gracias Santa Teresa de Avila...porque sintentizaste en esta oracion mas de lo que pudiera expresar:

"Nada te turbe, nada te espante.
Todo se pasa. Dios no se muda.

La paciencia todo lo alcanza.

Quien a Dios tiene, nada le falta.

Sólo Dios basta."