12 February 2008

Gone with the wind...

Most things in this life will always have an end. After all, that's life. A collection of moments. They say that some times love is forever. So far I only believe that God's love is the only thing granted to be for ever. Other things...will fade, die, end...etc.

It's hard to accept that there is a certain feeling, but because a large number of reasons, that feeling can't be expressed anymore. But it's true and again I should be aware that a younger person can't be certain about what he expresses or proposses. Only years in this life, are the thing that give us reasons to take life serious and make decisions considering many factors. I was ready...I am ready, and because this time also didn't work out, doesn't mean I quit.

I got something greater than anything inside me...and that's the main reason why I still can stand, smile and keep on walking.... Alone and kicking!