04 March 2008

Soccer...fun and reflections

Sunday afternoon...There is a clasic game. The Strongest Vs. Boliviar.
It was 4 years ago the last time I went to the stadium.

There is something "different" about going to these games. I give credit to The Strongest fans...they have lots of energy and are very creative with their songs. My dead uncle used to support them too....so I guess my symphaty comes from that relative.

It is also funny to watch the game with mixed fans...when there is a goal from the opposite you feel quiet...but when your team scores...WOOOW.

Anyway, with Vanesa we discovered that no wonder why our national team sucks. I can't say that any of them is better...both really suck! there is no strategy, no team work, they don't run...etc! And the referee that day was AWFUL!.

We were lucky that in the end we had at least 4 goals... Food and something to drink is another story....you can chose from clasic treats: Sandwich de Chola, Empanadas, Choripan, coke, mokochinchi, linaza, cafe...etc!

So in the end...our soccer situation is just a reflection from our political situation...bad strategies! :)