19 March 2008

Come....visit Bolivia!

Last saturday I had a gread experience with some young people...right after that I had one more life gift.

Sunday. Early in the morning I'm heading to Titicaca Lake. Around 10 I'm about to jump up Sun Hydrofoil. It's my first training day. Dunno what will happen further than this week.

The point is that being on Sun Island (Isla del Sol) was the best re-conection I could have with YHWH. The place is incredible. From one side you'll see that wonderfull mountain chain with Illampu, Huayna Potosi, Mururata and Illimani mountains. On the other side...mountains from Peru, and back lies Atacama desert.
In the same time, it was the best chance to go over old steps and finally get rid of some bad memories and seal some good ones as well. After all, that who can't keep on walking in life after certain events...is not suitable for this life.

It is like a small oasis in the middle of this lake, with lots of trees and chances to plant many crops. Although I regreet the boom of constructions and restaurants.

This has to be the best place to watch the sunset and relax in the middle of our lifes. I wish many more could experience a bit of this some day in their lives. Now I can understand why many think this is the point where Incas started their story.

It is just...amazing! You won't regret.