21 May 2008

Waynapicchu, Pax 401 & 402

After 30 years I finally made it. I went to Cusco and visited Machupicchu. I had the best company I could ever find...Mathias. After traveling a bit more than 8 hours with the bus, we made it to Cusco. A very colonial city, with small streets at downtown. The view by night is very charming. We couldn't find that night Mathia's friend, so we surfed at El Sambleño (less than half block from San Blas square).

Second day was a bit lazy, meeting with Teddy and taking a walk around Cusco. We bought our Touristic Ticket (with this thing u can visit around 10 different things, 110 soles for foreigners and 60 for students) and that afternoon we visited Sacsawaman. That you can make it walking...is not that far away, and you have a great view of the city.

Next day we left to Ollaytaytambo, crossing first Urubamba...that costs around 5 soles. We had to spend the night at Ollaytaytambo since trains were full for the same day. Such a good thing! that way we had plenty of time to visit the ruins there...it was impresive with the sunset. To sleep, we found an ok place for 10 soles each :D

Friday...waking up at 4:30...to take 5:30 train. The touristic couch was not that crowded as the peruvian. After hour and 40 minutes we arrived to Aguascalientes. The town is made for tourists and lives from them....there is no big deal to see there, except maybe have a visit to thermal waters...

It is better to take the bus straight to Machupicchu...that costs 6 dollars each way. As soon as we were there, we decided to take a local guide. We shared Tulia with other 5 peruvians. But that was a small mistake. You should enter and go straight to Waynapicchu 'cos each day, they only allow 400 persons and they close at 1pm. (meaning at 1pm you should be out). So after we ended up our tour...we wanted to go there....and of course it was too late.

While taking a time to rest, my young fellow encouraged me to go into a small adventure. The small thing ended up at Waynapicchu path. And there we go....climbing takes for a healthy person like 35 to 40 mins (even less). Of course there were many persons asking which number we were...at what time we had gone in...etc. Turns out that each one has a number and signs the time they are going in and out. By the end we made it to the top... the view is just incredible!
Totally breath taking.

To make it short, we were able to go out by the main door...o no Rory? hehehe. Then we took our time to walk again through the ruins and by the end of the day we relaxed at thermal waters.

Saturday we were back in Cusco, and after some errands we head direct to Pisac. We arrived a bit late, and I had lost my touristic ticket. Since it was late, we could enter the place with no problem (nobody was controlling) and go all the way up. That took us like 40 mins AGAIN. Up there was great..alone, the almost full moon looking at us...a bit cold and that's the place where I started to fell a bit sick. Going down was a different story....sometimes dark, sometimes moon light....

That was it for me.... whole experience now complete. Make always sure to have a great company with you...other way it can be a bit dull. Merci Mathias!