05 May 2008

Amelie Poulain Vs. Phantom of the Opera

Ah the things we have to live....

As the first movie happens in a very unexpected way, full of creativity and almost romatic way...the other is quite predictable and very dramatic. In the end Amelie finds someone to love, who accepts and almost shares the same crazy, spontaneous way of being.

Meanwhile, the Phantom has a dark ending, with lots of suffering and shows clearly a possesive way of love, where there is no freedom, no peace.

Amelie has given me the hint to what I'm going through now...unexpected, surprised, amazed...totally and tenderly touched. I am wondering now, why was I so dumb to accept so little before, while outside there is a fullcolor world... with stars, sunsets, cocoa liqueur, piano songs and a great soul?

For the first time I can compare my life with two movies...and it is obvious which one I must keep on watching and enjoying.