11 June 2008

the last Woman standing...

Some day s are better than others. Last night I haven't got the chance to sleep. I have rested indeed (and who wouldn´t...after 4 glasses of Singani & Cola)...but my mind was active and distracted.

Last year I felt for the first time in my life something very unusual...a big loop, the change of magnetic forces...call it what you want, but some times you can really feel how something has changed BIG time in this world. 2 weeks ago that happened again. And last week I think the effects of this BIG change started to happen.

I was quite glad I've discovered a lot of new positive things after my young friend Mathias left. But last thursday/friday/saturday/sunday... I was completly shocked. I run into a very unique and fascinating star. What was shocking was the fact that I hardly knew this star, and yet it seemed so familiar.

But life always plays some tricks and again time and space where not correct. Another parallel universe? who knows. I am a bit dissapointed on these "mistakes" and the way that things sometimes run...so fast that you don't even have the time to realize how good it was, despite how short the time was.

I've felt these days another growing pain! I tell myself I (feel no pain). But I'm feeling the pain (walk away). Can't walk away. I'm hanging on the ropes of hope; It's getting hard to cope you know when you're the needle running through my veins...I've changed my name to novocaine (BJ)