17 June 2008

You know u r gonna miss Bolivia when...

- You become a GOOD Mother far away from the city
- You live (and later die) in a GOOD PRESTE
- Gringos dance (or at least try) with you at this PRESTE
- You sing your national anthem with all your lungs at a futball game
- You scream (and almost loose your voice) at the same stinky futball game
- You work as a guide so proud to be born in this crazy place
- People remains silence after they have taken the first glimpse of La Paz City
- you watn to buy a stupid hat with the colors of bolivian flag
- a gringo tells you they have had so much fun
- you are proud to say that Bolivia is more than just altiplano..
... I've spent last 4 days drinking from the very soul of my country. There are a lot of silly things that a foreigner would never understand. Being the good mother of a little girl...buying her a white dress, holding her in the mass...etc. THAT HAS NO PRICE.

After I was invieted (with the other good father) to have lunch. Mein GOTT, what a LUNCH! Not even the wealthiest family in the world can offer you such a GOOD lunch. Of course you have to eat it all....ahahhaha. Then we were taken to the Preste....TO DIE!

Liters and liters of beer will be available at one Preste (and this was day 3 of the party!). My COMPADRE started with JUST 4 boxes (each of 12 botles). After that..all you have to do is say a little pray for your liver...and say SALUD! SALUD! SALUD!. One trick I've learned...grab a bottle and a glass, and start inviting everybody before you are knocked out. You may as well stand in the middle with the dancers and follow the steps of a MORENADA, TINKU o WAYÑO!

I was lucky that I had work next day, so we left around 4:30. By that time...i was totally happy, drunk (indeed) and have no clue how we managed to go down the INCA sacred STEPS! LIEBE JUNGE FRAU!!!

Next day, working...my passangers had the best experience in their lifes jajajja, they recognized that bolivians are indeed...very CATHOLIC (the party on the Island was to honour Saint Antony! VIVA SAN ANTONIO!). Friday night is still a WILD memory dancing in my head.

Sunday, I arrived and met with 3 cheerful american girls. We made it to the futball match. Indeed..I shouted with all my lungs the national anthem...after all, this may be the last time I sing it in next 2 years. Then after 90 mins of shouting and screaming like a vanshee...we had to laugh about the same old story...WE PLAYED LIKE NEVER, WE LOST LIKE ALWAYS! 2 to 0 was final result.

Still....I'm so happy I was born in this complicated, magic, chaotic, friendly, messy, charming, crazy, cozy, poor, diverse, enigmatic, challenging, hard, corrupted, breath taking, unexpected..etc, etc,...country.

Bolivianita soy y esta bien pues!