05 July 2008

Alajpacha...far away!

The Alajpacha...The sky, that beautiful and "onhe ende" view. By night it has a very unique show...the stars (waranakaj). The people from NASA say Lake Titicaca sky is one of the best in the world to watch stars. It must be true. In Huatajata we (my dad and I) had the chance to have a night star show. Some researches were making observations and following some stars.

Our first look was to Jupiter and it's 4 Galilean moons. Then the incredible Saturn..it always looks like a sticker and not something real. Mars was more distant but still incredible. Anthares pointed us the Scorpio... a bit down and to the left Sagitarius and some impresive nebulas: Thrifid and Swan. Near the Southern cross we had Alfa and Beta Centauro...Alfa looks like to car lights..very bright.

A bit up and we have the jewlery box...green, yellow, blue stars...magnificent. Up and to the right is a Globular comulus. We saw also the hut galaxy and 2 other more.

At 5am, we woke up to watch Bottini...the 2nd closest comet that comes near Earth. And then...Andromeda...so large that you had to move the telescope to see it all. Rengel and near the Orion belt...a trapezoid figure of stars.

This Alajpacha is full of amazing surprises!!! I'm so glad I had this once in a lifetime chance to see so many beautiful things. This remeind me of how insignificant we are in this whole creation...and yet so dangerous. Gute Nacht!