15 July 2008

Club 36 – where you can blow ...your Money

Ok, I’ll never understand why anybody has a fascination on trying or even worst…becoming addict to drugs. Call me naïve or innocent, but I never felt that necessity or curiosity. But aside from watching a bunch of “kids” blowing their money…I couldn’t help to think….this $%$/ money is going to the pockets of the real terrorists!! Those who don’t care about life or anything, just fill their pockets with money.

I’ve started reading a book which makes interesting connections between Lords of drugs with many governments, industries and in general a machine that manipulates people (devouring them), in order to get a system where production and dealing drugs can become free. What cost does this mean idea has for small places like my country?.

Just the other day I returned to Coroico after 5 years. It is disgusting to watch and find that places which had fruit trees all over…are now replaced by coca plantations. Of course to grow coca is much cheaper and easy than breaking your back with fruit trees or any other nutritious crop.What about land? We are loosing hectares of land just because coca leaf dries all the nutrients from these places. And what about the people? Oh I guess they just don’t care!!

I agree that coca leaf has many properties…but I don’t think we would survive eating coca leaf every day (like one minister from the former government has suggested). Let’s be real…the highest % of coca leaf WILL become cocaine.

And of course…most “gringos” think this country is Cocaine paradise. No wonder why they hear from these “clubs” and they just completely loose their track and run to …inhale cocaine? Or is it to support this dead world regime?

Last weekend I survived the experience. I went to one of these places, and even though I was not totally shocked with all these junky people, I was disgusted thinking about what I have mentioned before.