24 September 2008

Avoid long term relationship survivors

"Doh! I´ve lost so much of my precious time in such a long relationship...never again, from now on it will be try as many and different flavors" I got a new theory under test. Persons that got rid of long relationships just wants to play and try as much possible with new persons. How disposable are we in the end? at least to the eyes of other person?. I´m living now in paradise land for these feelings...disposable. If not you...it will be the next. No feelings, no complications, the market has so much to offer that it is just simple to go shopping and pick up a new model. Seems feelings are totally an old fashion trend. I wonder what am I doing here (this present time), some times I think I belong to a much older generation, where humans appreciated and valued feelings. Now? people don´t care anymore...maybe they felt too much pain, or is just much simple to mind your own business. The other? who? who cares! as long as I am happy and have my "world" the other is just a joke. With my test running....my prediction is that I will never become immortal through my children. At least not with what´s out there: Mentally and Emotional retarded men!