17 September 2008

A time to stop, enjoy...LIFE is here

2008 08 27 007
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Tuesday night, tomorrow my day starts late. First swimming, then get done with the first test (my students, not mine). I´m catching up the time I lost with so much bureaucracy stuff. Finally got to read Dasgupta´s book (3 more chapters to go) and finish my grading homework.

Finally I´m taking my time to take some pictures, now you will see what surrounds me. And today I took my day "off" to navigate through many profiles (friends) and pictures. Feels so good to be alive and smile with those images. Even though I´m not there, I feel the happiness, the emotion, the moment you are feeling.

My 4th week is in the middle. There is a paper I must work on and finally I´ve decided to visit old Washington in November (If Ben doesn´t step back). My supervisor is pushing me, so I can shape my research project...and I love her being so exigent!

Before I go to bed (and sending these projects) I want to steal this cute baby picture...these are Jorge and Pablo... the twins. I´m not sure if I´ll get to meet them next vacation...but watching them, and thinking all that I have gone through...I can´t help but feel glad I have lived so good all these years, laughing, crying, feeling...