28 October 2008

finally I've got wings

And finally there was a good excuse to become a fairy/butterfly. Week days are flying away and I should hurry in many things.Too bad that a lot of bolivia's bureaucracy won't help me.

This past weekend I found myself trapped in a fairy tale. The story where you are happy and wish that could be forever and ever. I have to recognize that some fears are being healed and new dreams arise.

Talking to a good friend... he realized that I've entered certain state of mind but I won't admit it now. I could but what if it is unreal...what if the minute I accept it it will vanish in the air?. I have to get more glitter and throw it around so when the time comes it will remain.

My partner in crime had a very funny costume...it takes a while to guess what he was. Oh how we laughed that night. I wish I could have more of these times.

I'm awake. I'm alive... I am HAPPY