12 November 2008

31 and counting!

Last week I turned 31 or as I like to call it now...my sweet 16 (my friends recommend to count backwards and I just think it is a good idea). It could have been a pathetic celebration. Me on the phone talking with my parents and having a nice meal alone somewhere nice. It turned a bit opposite.

My second mom invited me some drinks and later KCF joined us. Later he took me out to have dinner at a nice place (Monti's - La Casa Vieja). He wanted to give me as a gift tickets to see the all time great Sarah Brightman but the day of her concert we will be somewhere in Houston. Instead he was smart enough to get me opera tickets. That is how this Friday I'll go with Maya to watch and hear Tosca (by Puccini) I LOVE THAT!!!!. The night ended with some Baileys and a cozy hug where I fall sleep.

That same week and still remains... I've been a bit overload with English. My mind is getting a bit tired of doing alles auf English. But it is time to recover power and get out of this little hole. I'm facing some 15 articles to read, aside from regular reading and the Sandler's book. Have to write my papers and clear ideas for my future project. Therefore...no time to worry.

BTW...I've changed phone number for the 3rd time. Turns out that cellphone system here is RETARDED, not to say moronic!. This and probably Mexico are the only countries where you still have to pay when you recieve calls or sms. Outrageous! And of course it will never improve as everybody is passive and can pay (or at least they think so). I just found a good excuse to laugh and brag that even in Bolivia pre-paid plans get better deals than the ones offered here.

No image today...and I wonder how long it will take until I decide what to do about it. My camera died again. I think I'll just use a film camera, later I might buy a better one. Seems dry weather was no fun for old camera.

Alas...time to put mySHELF on the road again!