07 January 2009

In the land of consume

A new year begins in the land of consume! Sales are all over and despite people claim there is no money, stores are getting rid of their Christmas decoration or the "old" stuff they had for sale. And after a hectic end of my first semester I was able to get away and disconnect myself for more than 1 week.

Christmas was a new experience with the Flinn´s. After sleeping good and enjoying some visits, Houston has an extra something to be remembered. I had the pleasure to finally read what ever I wanted and ended Wicked. I can´t hardly imagine how they turn this book into a Broadway show.

Back to school there was a ton of mails to answer, and as I have to put my Lab notes in order for this semester, I'm facing some bills that I will have to pay yes or yes. Oil change...as much as I tried to leave this for later I have to do it. ASU silly fees have to be payed, but what really angers me is that they never make it clear this. Despite I have the scholarship and work, they never tell you...oh by the way, each semester we are gonna bug you with some silly fees. I wonder if this is to cover the major debt Arizona has now.

If this was not all bad....I will have to visit the dentist. Seems one delicious food that I had during the weekend crushed an important thing. BLAST.

But on the bright side of darkness...I'm starting with new plans and goals, with lot of pressure to develop my research project and with a new challenge....learn French!. This is part of the original present that Kevin gave to me. A whole French course on line with Rosetta Stone. I have 6 months to do as much as I can.

Time to lose those Christmas pounds and do some cleaning before mamichi comes.