30 November 2008

How wonderful meeting the Kaplan-Singers can be?

Around February 2008 I accepted to host Ben Kaplan-Singer and his friend Brendan through Couchsurfing. I remember I walked La streets up and down. After their visit I had an open invitation to visit them again. When I arrived to Arizona, Ben invited me to spend Thanksgiving day with his family. As I had no big plans I accepted.

This was my first Thanksgiving celebration and I was lucky to be around Ben and his great family. I have to give lot of the credit to his great mom and dad, who always had a good mood and hosted me with much love and care. Despite he lives far from Washington D.C., the daily trip to the capital it was no big deal.

Washington feels all over downtown like a real capital. The first night when I arrived, the magnificence of its monuments remind me of the imperial capitals from Europe. I needed more time of course, but at least I achieved my goals: Natural History Museum and National Art Gallery plus the monuments. My favorite: Lincon Memorial. The view is just impressive.

Not only museums and monuments, but also I had the chance to see and greet Brendan, Julia and old friend Diego. Additional I had the chance to meet other Ben's friends, who all together make a lot of fun with all the old and new stories they've got.

For 3 days I had a time to relax, enjoy, laugh, and forget about real life. I'm thankful that I met such great people once and that new connections are always made. BTW I must thank big time Brendan, who kindly borrow me his camera and here I go again....with an image.