18 March 2009

To the top

Last days have been kind of a rush. The last great thing that happened was my mom's visit and the hike to Saguaro Lake. Then the semester took color as I had to read even more than last one. Good thing that all the readings are interesting and teach me a lot of this glocalized world.

End of February I participated on the walk for cancer. Kevin signed me up and we were ready last Saturday 28 with our team T-Shirts and our speedy feet. I started thinking I was walking for my uncle, for my advisor's sister, for other family friends, but later realized that I was walking for my nieces, nephews and for all that so far we haven't been diagnosed with cancer. I walked so that money can really work out to find a cure...mainly for the poor people who can't even afford to pay one day at the hospital.

Last weekend I arrived back from Bolivia, where I had 10 hectic days. Got the information I was looking for and new contacts with good people. Got even time to enjoy and see some friends and to spend some time with couchsurfers.Yes, we made it to the Muela del Diablo and then had a Sushi night at home. Again I had a great chance to meet excellent people and travel without moving. I even met the Kat on the line...who was eager to know my opinion of what is happening in Bolivia. He concluded thinking that I should become Bolivia's next fair "dictator" to put everybody to work for every body and not just a few practicing what is best know as possetion by dispossetion.

Few things have changed, and while some find a ridiculous pleasure in talking and formulating theory...the reality is that bolivians keep on the same spot they were 10 years ago...no body cares for all these people and the ilusion of having a pseudo-indigenous president won't make a remarkable difference at all. It was sad for me to listen and observe how people is so naïve and still believes this is the change they long and the one they will keep chasing for decades more. Time to go back to my empirical world of books, where I get to understand how this clowns have constructed the "crisis" we live in....but trying to spread the world and talk with others to convince them that we need to work NOW.